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It's More than Music.

Since 1973, the Birmingham Boys Choir has been a unique and beloved part of Birmingham's culture. Performing all around the state, country, and world, the boys share their love of music with others, creating a sense of community and Christian love. In addition to exceptional musical skills, the choir focuses on training boys to be upstanding men in a culture that increasingly confuses and distorts their place in the world.

Ken & Susan Berg

Meet our Music Directors

Our Music and Office Staff

Ken Berg Music Director & Resident Composer

Susan Berg Associate Music Director & Pianist

David Mandt Senior Music Assistant

Jeff Caulk Music Assistant

Erin Evans Music Assistant

Michael Megginson Music Assistant

Garrett Lenzie Music Assistant

Noah Burns Music Assistant

Cara Thomas Music Assistant

Allison Creel Music Assistant

Sarah Rich Music Assistant

Jeff Caulk Executive Director

Joel Megginson Operations & Finance Director

Charlotte Rumore Operations 

Sarah Rich Social Media Manager

Our Board of Directors

Jonathan Hooks President

Susan Simon President-Elect, Treasurer

Marc Ayers Immediate Past President

Allison Creel VP of Public Relations

Ben Harbour VP of Planning

Sandy Stradtman Secretary

Jeremy Di Piazza Member


Michael Rumore Member

Mary Wilson Member

Griff Waters Member

Jason Head Member

Hal Riddle Member

Benjamin Dow Member

Shelley Gentle Member

Historic Birmingham Boy's Choir
Historic Birmingham Boy's Choir Rehearsal
Birmingham Boy's Choir Ireland 2019
Susan Berg Directing
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